Advanced Robots.txt Generator

Advanced Robots.txt Generator 3.2

The fast and easy way to create Robots.txt files, avoid server errors and spam
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Advanced Robots.txt Generator is a unique utility that allows you to create, maintain, and keep track of your robots.txt files in the easiest and self-explanatory manner.

Main Features:

- Generate your robots.txt files for all your sites within minutes .
- Keep track of all the changes in your files and directories and modify your robots.txt files in an instant.
- Be up to date with the latest developments.
- Automatically save your projects and upload your robots.txt files.
- Use the most complete list of crawlers and robots available.
- Benefit from free, experienced and effective customer support.
- Have access to free full documentation and manuals.
- Qualify for free upgrades.

The software is ideal for:

- Beginners that wish to create and manage their robots.txt files without going in the details of creating manually the robots.txt files
- Professionals that wish to create and maintain many robots.txt files for their many sites without losing track of the current settings
- Professionals that wish to create and maintain robots.txt files for large and complex websites.

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